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Pro-Life This Week – April 12, 2019

Week in Review – UNPLANNED influences spike in abortion reversal; Good efforts in Texas; NPLTD; Rally in Massachusetts; JP2 educational event

The movie Unplanned was included in the top 10 box office hits again this past weekend with a gross of $3.2 million for the three days. It has already had a total gross of $12.5 million in its first 10 days in theaters. According to the Catholic News Agency, The Options Line [1-800-712-HELP], run by Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Rescue Network, has seen a recent spike in calls from women seeking to reverse their abortions since the film’s release. They report a nearly 30 percent increase in calls since the film’s debut and are declaring it no coincidence. Women interested in reversing an abortion and other women interested in just learning more have placed these calls. It is truly a testament to the power of this film.

This week in Texas, there has been a major push for a newly presented bill. House Bill 896, introduced by Texas Representative Tony Tinderholt, seeks to abolish abortion in the state of Texas, even criminalizing doctors who abort a child. While the language of the bill is not pristine, it is indeed a strong and reassuring effort from Texas. Pro-life supporters gathered at the Texas state capitol on Monday in support of the bill. According to The Daily Texan, over 400 people registered to testify about the bill before the Judiciary and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. The committee was scheduled to hear over six hours of testimony concerning the bill. Although politicians are saying this new bill is unlikely to pass, Texas is joined by six other states that introduced a bill this year that would outlaw all abortion.

This Friday, April 12, marks the observance of National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day (NPLTD). Thousands of people around the world are expected to participate in this annual event. The event was created due to backlash students received for wearing prolife t-shirts to school. In 2008, a sixth-grade student was forced to turn his prolife t-shirt inside out because of the message. A federal judge ruled this unconstitutional, inspiring the first-ever NPLTD.  Since then, hundreds of thousands of students and adults have worn prolife t-shirts to their schools and workplaces on NPLTD. It is truly the easiest way to spread the prolife message.

Massachusetts is attempting to pass legislation similar to that recently passed in New York. Bill S.1209 would legalize abortion up to birth, “removing obstacles and expanding abortion access” for any reason. Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley has spoken out strongly against the bill, urging Catholics to oppose it. Catholics in Fall River are waiting for a similar statement from Bishop Edgar da Cunha. Local pro-lifers have organized a peaceful gathering in front of the bishop’s office in Fall River to persuade the bishop to speak against the bill. Pro-lifers will gather on April 12, 16, and 19 at 2 pm to pray the rosary.

On May 20-21, the John Paul II Academy in Rome will be hosting an educational event, “Brain Death—A Medicolegal Construct: Scientific & Philosophical Evidence.” The event will feature evidence from experts that proves “brain dead” does not equal death.

ALL in the News – UNPLANNED comments and pro-life radio

Judie Brown’s comments about the movie, UNPLANNED, have now been featured in several articles. Last Friday, her comments were featured in The NewAmericanarticle, “’Unplanned’ Causes the Death Lobby to Show Its Fangs,” which was featured on their website, as well as being republished on NoNews2Read.

All of Judie’s recent news releases are republished by the website, Press Release Point.

Judie Brown examines the growing movement to accept infanticide as just another way of killing young human beings in the commentary, A Culture of Moral Imbeciles.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Deathis a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. His show this week is on location in Tyler, TX, where Jim is the guest speaker at the 40 Days for Life closing rally in Tyler. The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM) and Mondays (10 PM).

Video of the Week – The Mind-Blowing Pro-life Testimony of Patricia Sandoval

Patricia Sandoval has made a lot of mistakes in her life—drugs, homelessness, and three abortions. Now, she’s a national Catholic speaker sharing her story of recovery. We encourage you to watch her tell her story below (headphones required if little ears happen to wander by).

Action Item of the Week – Candlelight Vigil outside Planned Parenthood locations on April 13!

On Saturday, April 13, the #ProtestPP coalition is organizing simultaneous candlelight vigils throughout the United States at hundreds of facilities operated by Planned Parenthood.

Protest PP began in the summer of 2015 following the release of undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress. Both American Life League and our STOPP International program were original members of the coalition that coordinates peaceful, prayerful activities outside Planned Parenthood locations in the United States.

This year’s candlelight vigil will take place at over 120 locations in 34 states on April 13.

It comes on the heels of the release of UNPLANNED, the movie that has sparked renewed outrage over the programs and philosophies of Planned Parenthood. As people across the United States realize the insidious nature of the organization, the #ProtestPP Nationwide Candlelight Vigil on April 13 provides an ideal opportunity to get involved.

Join us on April 13 as we gather coast to coast by the thousands to pray for the end of Planned Parenthood’s abortion empire!

Find a #ProtestPP Candlelight Vigil near you.

And don’t forget to tell all your pro-life friends about the nationwide candlelight vigil, especially those who have seen UNPLANNED and might be looking for a good way to get involved.

Pro-life Social Media – Guy with Bullhorn Protests Planned Parenthood Picnic and then Crazy Happens

Who at Planned Parenthood thought this was a good idea? On Thursday, a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Texas hosted an outdoor picnic near the state capitol grounds as part of its lobbying efforts that day. The Texas state legislature has proposed a statewide abortion ban (no exceptions!) and, of course, that’s going to put a damper on Planned Parenthood’s baby-killing operation, since it operates 32 centers in Texas.

Hoping to bask in the warm Austin air without disturbance, Planned Parenthood supporters were the subject of one protester with a loud bullhorn. J. Owen Shroyer is a media personality for Infowars and he refused to permit PP advocates to have a quiet celebration over the murder of preborn children.

He livestreamed his encounter and things got weird. Link below:

It appears Planned Parenthood anticipated resistance and kept the Jane Fonda tribute on retainer to drown noise from protesters. Strange idea, considering loud dance music draws attention TO the protest.

We’re glad to see a Planned Parenthood event protested. No Planned Parenthood rally or fundraiser should ever be without dissent.