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‘Way of the Cross’ at Miami clinics on Good Friday

This Friday, March 25, pro-lifers will participate in the solemn Way of the Cross, which re-enacts Christ's road to crucifixion, at thirteen abortion clinics in Miami. The group, led by American Life League, will spend Good Friday witnessing to the sanctity of every human being's life from creation to death.

"While many students are spending their spring break relaxing on the beach, these young people have chosen to sacrifice their time to speak up for the most defenseless of human persons – the preborn babies at risk of losing their lives to abortion," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "They are sending a strong message to the people of Miami and the nation: young Americans are solidly pro-life and are tired of what abortion has done to their generation."

The group has chosen to lead the Way of the Cross (also known as the Stations of the Cross) along the path of the abortion clinics in remembrance of the undeniable suffering that Christ underwent as He walked the road to Calvary.

"Christ was an innocent victim of an unjust death sentence," said Brown. "Likewise, preborn children killed by abortion are innocent victims who have been also been given an unfair penalty of death. The participants in Friday's walk aim to serve as witnesses to the city of Miami for the thousands of innocent children who lose their lives to abortion every day in this country."

The walkers will begin their trek at the Academy Women's Medical Center and will make their way across the city, stopping at each of the twelve remaining abortion clinics along the way.

"This walk is the very least we can do for the babies," said David Dufresne, assistant director of American Life League's Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church. "We are the survivors. Over one-third of our generation has been wiped out by abortion. This tragedy must stop now."

Release issued: 24 Mar 05