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Sen. Bill Frist shows he is not pro-life; sacrifices truth

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, issued the following statement regarding the news that Senator Bill Frist now endorses the expansion of human embryonic stem cell research:


Sen. Bill Frist’s announcement that he has reversed his opinion on the expansion of human embryonic stem cell research is beyond repugnant to many in the pro-life community. What has happened to this man, who once showed promise of becoming a strong pro-life voice for the American people?

Sadly, Sen. Frist now joins the ranks of numbers of politicians who have sacrificed the truth to satisfy other, less noble, goals. Frist claims that his opinion is one based on "science." However, Sen. Frist is certainly ignoring one of the basic facts of Biology 101, which unequivocally tell us that life begins at fertilization, when a new human person with unique DNA is created. We are talking about our fellow human beings. In his heart, Senator Frist must know that killing those human beings, for any reason, is always wrong.

While it is not surprising that those who support the killing of embryonic children are applauding Sen. Frist’s latest move, it is quite disheartening that so-called pro-life officials in the Bush administration are excusing his crisis of conscience as "understandable."

Sen. Frist’s statements are a perfect example of the hypocrisy that has slowly infected many in the political arena, even among Republican Party officeholders claiming to be pro-life. The fact is, whether an innocent human being is a few hours old or nine months old, an act that intentionally kills him is always intrinsically evil and evil can never be justified – no matter the perceived "good" end. Human embryonic stem cell research kills innocent human beings, and therefore is inherently evil.

Release issued: 29 Jul 05