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RU-486 continues to kill preborn children and their mothers

"The latest reports explaining how five women have died from bacterial infections after taking the RU-486 abortion pill is further evidence of the abortion industry's pursuit of a reckless path of destruction that leaves millions of victims dead in its wake," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "How many more women and preborn children must die before this lethal drug is taken off of the market?"

American Life League has been a steadfast opponent of RU-486 and has repeatedly demanded its recall. After the much publicized death of Holly Patterson, the 18-year old California girl who died after taking the RU-486 pill she obtained from a Planned Parenthood clinic, American Life League led the charge in opposing the drug.

"This drug has no beneficial qualities," said Brown. "Its one and only purpose is to end the life of a preborn child. As we are seeing more and more, this deadly concoction not only kills the baby, but can kill the mother as well. The abortion industry seems to consider these women's lives meaningless and irrelevant in its quest for greater profits and more dead babies."

Danco Laboratories LLC, the company that produces the drug, is updating its warning labels. "A warning label will not do a thing to prevent more deaths," said Brown. "The only solution is to remove this killing mechanism from the market immediately so that no more women and innocent babies lose their lives.

"American Life League once again calls on the United States government to protect women and children by immediately removing RU-486 from the market," said Brown. "These reports of tragic deaths will not cease until this deadly drug is no longer available."

Release issued: 19 Jul 05