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Progress and Problems at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Washington, DC—-Since 2009, American Life League has issued well-documented reports exposing CCHD grants to organizations that promote abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and Marxism. In 2010, CCHD conducted an internal review, producing a new set of guidelines meant to prohibit such grants.

ALL says that because most dioceses that still take up the national collection will do so this weekend, ALL has received inquiries from Catholics across asking about the current status.

“Though there are still a large number of morally problematic grantees receiving CCHD grants, our initial look at the 2013 grants list suggests an overall improvement,” says ALL senior research analyst, Rob Gasper. “A number of previous problem grantees are off the list and, although there is a lot of work yet to be done, the grant to Birth Choice is a huge step in the right direction.”

As part of its 2013 grant cycle, CCHD is distributing $500,000 to the Birth Choice Health Clinic Network in California. ALL calls this a welcome new direction for the CCHD.

“We are encouraged by and wish to acknowledge these positive steps,” added Michael Hichborn, director of ALL’s Defend the Faith project. “Still, with over 20 problematic grantees that continue to receive Catholic funds, we cannot recommend participation in the program. CCHD’s vetting process has yet to fully adhere to its established guidelines.”

Hichborn offers two examples of current CCHD grantees not worthy of “a single cent” of Catholic funding: Community Action Board and Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union.

CAB admits it pushed for the establishment of family planning services in public schools. SCFCU, founded by the Socialist Party USA’s 1988 vice presidential candidate, gave donations to Planned Parenthood and supports homosexual activism.


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