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Misleading Colorado Teenage Pregnancy Data

Teens have sex while babies die

Washington, DC—Recently, a number of news stories were published regarding the “startling” results when Colorado reported on its six-year experiments with long-acting birth control. According to most reports, Colorado has seen a tremendous decrease in teen pregnancies and abortions when teens were given free Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs).

“None of the articles we’ve seen are giving the total facts of how LARCs work and how many babies have died in this experiment,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League.

“When people talk of LARCs,” Sedlak continued, “they are speaking of IUDs (ParaGard and Mirena), implants (Implanon and Nexplanon) and injections (Depo-Provera). The manufacturers of every one of these products state in their prescribing literature that they all work at least some of the time by preventing implantation – mostly by altering the woman’s endometrium.”

Manufacturers’ statements can be found at:






“This means,” explained Sedlak, “that ovulation happens and a new baby can be created when the sperm and egg unite. That new human being travels to the womb, but can’t implant because of the altered endometrium, and then dies. Those involved know this is happening, but hide behind arbitrary 1965 definitions that say (1) pregnancy does not begin until implantation has occurred; and (2) abortion ends a pregnancy. Thus, the girls are not counted as being pregnant and the babies are not counted as being aborted.”

“Planned Parenthood and its allies continually talk about providing ‘medically accurate’ information,” Sedlak concluded, “but refuse to even mention the deaths of these human beings. It is time we stopped killing innocent human beings and pretending it isn’t happening. Colorado may have just concluded six years of the one of the largest government-sponsored killing experiments in American history.”

Background data:

Original story:

Paragard manufacturer’s information: “The contraceptive effectiveness of ParaGard®  is enhanced by copper continuously released into the uterine cavity. Mechanism(s) by which copper enhances contraceptive efficacy include interference with sperm transport and fertilization of an egg, and possibly prevention of implantation.” (

Mirena manufacturer’s information: “Ovulation is inhibited in some women using Mirena. In a 1-year study approximately 45% of menstrual cycles were ovulatory and in  another study after 4 years 75% of cycles were ovulatory. The local mechanism by which continuously released levonorgestrel enhances contraceptive effectiveness of Mirena has not been conclusively demonstrated. Studies of Mirena prototypes have suggested several mechanisms that prevent pregnancy: thickening of cervical mucus preventing passage of sperm into the uterus, inhibition of sperm capacitation or survival, and alteration of the endometrium.” (

Implanon manufacturer’s information: “The contraceptive effect of IMPLANON is achieved by suppression of ovulation, increased viscosity of the cervical mucus, and alterations in the endometrium.” (

Nexplanon manufacturer’s information: “The contraceptive effect of NEXPLANON is achieved by suppression of ovulation, increased viscosity of the cervical mucus, and alterations in the endometrium.” (

Depo-Provera manufacturer’s information: “Depo-Provera CI (medroxy progesterone acetate [MPA]), when administered at the recommended dose to women every 3 months, inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins which, in turn, prevents follicular maturation and ovulation and results in endometrial thinning. These actions produce its contraceptive effect.” (

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