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American Life League marks horrors of 46 million dead

"October 3, 2005 will be a day for all Americans to stop and reflect upon the gruesome war being waged upon innocent children in the womb," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "American Life League's first-ever Pro-life Memorial Day will unite people across our land under the common message that abortion is a violent act that has taken a toll of unthinkable proportions."

Nationwide participation is expected for this event, as individuals will be invited to plan and take part in Pro-life Memorial Day prayer services and similar events in their local communities on that day.

"ALL's Pro-life Memorial Day is not a political event," said Brown. "Rather, this day offers our nation a time to pause and look back, a day devoted to the memory of those 46 million children lost to surgical abortion since 1973. It is also our hope that this commemoration will unite and invigorate America's pro-life movement, renewing our determination to bring the abortion holocaust to an end."

American Life League is circulating a petition urging President Bush to designate the first Monday of October – the day the Supreme Court begins a new session – as Pro-life Memorial Day. The petition, as well as other information about the planned yearly event, will be available on a dedicated web site scheduled to debut in the weeks to come.

American Life League has also produced an official T-shirt for Pro-life Memorial Day, which can be viewed and purchased online.

"We feel strongly that Pro-life Memorial Day will be one of the most important days of the year for pro-life activists," said Brown. "We encourage all pro-life Americans to participate. With united actions and voices, we truly will make a difference for the babies."

Release issued: 2 Aug 05