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The Killing of Preborn Babies Will Never Be Accepted by True Americans

This has been a milestone week for preborn children in the United States. As we report on current events, let’s remember that the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions of the Supreme Court decriminalized abortion in January 1973. That was over 43 years ago. For over four decades, abortionists have been able to kill preborn babies in the United States without fear of prosecution.

If you listen, you will hear those who support this killing saying things like “Abortion is a settled law,” “The war for abortion rights has been decided, and we won,” or “We must accept that abortion is just a normal medical procedure in this nation. It’s no big deal.”

Yet, in the midst of all this discussion that abortion is just a normal medical procedure, nine days ago in the third presidential debate, abortion was a very hot topic. One presidential candidate stuck to the pro-abortion line while the candidate from the other party defended the lives of the preborn. In other words, it is clear that the topic of abortion is not settled. There are those who will never accept the killing of God’s children as normal. In fact, the majority of Americans, and a super-majority of young people, want preborn children to become born children.

Planned Parenthood has always tried to influence college students. It has established VOX (Voices of Planned Parenthood) chapters on over 200 college campuses across the country. The intent of these groups is to push for Planned Parenthood’s ideals and philosophies. The name has changed from VOX to Planned Parenthood Generation Action. This week, Breitbart news released a story that PPGA has established a chapter at a public high school in Virginia. According to the news story, the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies in Richmond, Virginia, has allowed students to open the club. Its purpose is “to provide education, outreach, and advocacy opportunities at Maggie Walker to support the goals of Planned Parenthood,” “create a network with other students who support Planned Parenthood,” and to “engage in the political process to win elections and pass pro reproductive freedom legislation.”

Clearly, PP is seeking to influence the youngest members of the next generation in order to be able to keep killing babies at will. We know that PP is trying harder than ever to get its sex indoctrination programs into middle schools. Now it is infiltrating high school clubs as well. This outreach to high school students will not be an isolated case. We must stop this now.