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The Culture of Death Has Run Rampant This Week

Much has happened this week. James Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old supporter of Bernie Sanders, went on a shooting rampage in Alexandria, VA, injuring pro-life congressman Steve Scalise and others. The killer, who was shot dead during the incident, wanted to kill as many Republicans as possible.

Representative Doug Lamborn sent a letter to GOP leaders requesting that their pro-life priorities be included in healthcare legislation drafted to replace the Affordable Care Act. The letter was signed by 70 members of the US House.

In Delaware, Governor John Carney signed a measure if Roe v. Wade is overturned. The measure would guarantee access to abortion-on-demand in the state of Delaware.

In Louisiana, two pro-life bills easily passed through legislature and now await Governor John Bel Edwards’ signature. SB 111, the Screening for Exploitation of Minors before Abortion Act, enhances parental consent requirements before an abortion to prevent fraudulent identification of adults claiming to be the girl’s parents and strengthens screening for coerced abortion, crimes against the child, or sex trafficking during judicial bypass proceedings. SB 128 adds an additional layer of protection to prevent the sale of the dismembered bodies of babies after abortion.

In Missouri, Governor Eric Greitens announced a call to a special session on pro-life initiatives: “Politicians are trying to make it illegal, for example, for pro-life organizations to say that they just want to hire pro-life Missourians,” said the governor in his announcement. Gov. Greitens wishes to combat this as well as “promote a culture of life here in the state of Missouri.”

In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott called a special session to reconsider pro-life bills that RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) squashed when in regular session. The regular session—the 85th legislative session—closed on May 29, 2017. The special session will begin on July 18, 2017.

The Pontifical Academy for Life has been revamped with 45 new appointments. One of the appointments is Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at the University of Oxford, Nigel Biggar, who has stated that he supports legal abortion up to 18 weeks. Other appointments include the president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, Dr. John M. Haas; Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson; and Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher.