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New Pro-Life Efforts; Planned Parenthood Causes Problems for Itself

The Internet gained another young adult pro-life website this week as American Life League’s Life Defender group launched its site at This group is hitting the ground running in 2016 and will have a booth at the March for Life Expo in Washington, DC next week. It is also sponsoring National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day on April 22, 2016. Visit the group’s new website and learn all about the activities and news.

Members of ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program were elated this week when they received a new endorsement for their coloring and activity book: “The Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book is a great way to inspire children with something that touches their hearts deeply: the wonder of little babies and their mothers and fathers! The fun pictures inspire the imagination, and the captions will spark a conversation about the uniqueness of each human person in God’s plan for the salvation of the world. Through these simple pages, you can make a profound impact in the souls of the children whom God has given you to nurture and care for.” – Ken Davison, Holy Heroes

To find out more about the great work of the CLSP team, visit

Planned Parenthood caused quite a stir this week when it chose to endorse Hillary Clinton for president in the Democrat primaries. As an educational organization, we do not support or oppose any particular candidates, but this move by Planned Parenthood deserves a comment.

It is not surprising, of course, that Planned Parenthood likes Hillary Clinton’s position on abortion and other “reproductive health” topics. After all, the organization did give her its highest award—the Margaret Sanger Award—in 2009. What has many pro-abortion Democrats up in arms is that Clinton’s opponents in the primaries also endorse the same topics. Many Planned Parenthood supporters are outraged that Planned Parenthood would take sides in races where PP’s goals are supported no matter who wins.

Although Planned Parenthood endorsed both Al Gore and Barack Obama in the general election, this is the first time PP has ever endorsed a candidate in the primaries. Several people who identified themselves as Planned Parenthood supporters, but who back other primary candidates, stated that they would no longer contribute to Planned Parenthood because of this endorsement.

Speaking of Planned Parenthood, the organization was very upset this week when the governor of Kansas said he would deny Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood in the state. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri spokesperson Elise Higgins said PP receives $61,000 in Medicaid funds in Kansas and that the organization would fight to retain the funds. (Remember, Planned Parenthood has an annual income of $1.3 billion.)