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Battling the Culture of Death across America

The purveyors of the culture of death continue to run scared this week as it is becoming more obvious every day that their grip on the American public is slipping. One of the indicators of this is the results of the primary elections that continue across the country. We’re not speaking of the elections for presidential candidates, but of primaries for local politicians.

For example, one candidate for Congress in Virginia boldly proclaimed his “pro-choice” position. In commercial after commercial he touted his support for a woman’s right to kill her baby (of course he didn’t use those exact words). Since Virginia elected a pro-abortion governor over a pro-life candidate a couple of years ago, he likely felt this a winning tactic. It was not. He was soundly defeated in the primary election—another casualty of the culture-of-death mentality.

Then, there is the Zika virus. Many pro-abortion groups, including NARAL, are pushing for a liberalization of abortion laws in countries around the world to allow the abortion of babies suspected to have been affected by the virus. Unfortunately for them, ordinary citizens are quickly seeing through the smokescreen and are fighting back. Judie Brown and other pro-life leaders have spoken out against this obvious politicization of a serious health issue and the public is responding. This looks like another loss for the culture of death.

The Culture of Life Studies Program hopes to reach more people as it adds to its social media influence. Pro-lifers across the United States praise CLSP’s many offerings and its content, and the program continues to garner endorsements from individuals who have used it and found it to be very effective. The CLSP will launch a new Facebook page next week to let everyone know about its upcoming three-part video on Margaret Sanger. This video series will present the true story of the REAL Margaret Sanger and how her efforts to spread uninhibited sexual activity, population control, and eugenics literally changed the world—and not in a good way. Watch for the official announcement next week. In the meantime, visit the website to see all of the great study material available from the Culture of Life Studies Program.

American Life League’s vice president continues to visit communities in California at the request of local activists looking to shut down Planned Parenthood centers in the state. This week he visited Martinez, Carmel, Riverside, Santa Cruz, and San Jose, and talked with hundreds of concerned citizens. This week’s meetings were notable as many were attended by former Planned Parenthood workers who are anxious to see PP closed. With the growing outrage against Planned Parenthood in California, we predict that it will not be long before we begin seeing closures around the state.