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Three Important Photo Tips for Taking Pictures at a Planned Parenthood Protest

You are going, right? There’s one happening in practically every state. Odds are there’s one happening near you.

Tomorrow is a national day of peaceful protest against the largest perpetrator of violence against human beings—Planned Parenthood. Mainstream media will ignore it (unless, of course, something happens that makes Planned Parenthood look favorable and pro-life activists look crazy).

For those of us who are anxious to see the permanent closing of Planned Parenthood, we have to rely on pro-life friendly news sites and blogs. And guess what? They often rely on you, the grassroots people, to provide pictures and post them to social media.

But the pictures have to look good.

So what distinguishes the good photos from the not-so-good? Whether you’re using your mobile phone or a point-and-click camera, here are four tips to a better photo.

1. Look for moments that tell a story.

Remember when the Brazos Coalition for Life sent out this photo commemorating the closing of the Planned Parenthood in College Station, Texas? It was a long fight to rid the community of the abortion giant, and this one photo captures a victory-defining moment reminiscent of a toppling of the remnants of reviled, ruthless dictatorship.

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After the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life posted the picture, it went viral. Bloggers immediately picked up the image and shared it with their readers. Images of wounded mothers carried out on ambulance stretchers are never good to see. Images of a wounded Planned Parenthood always are.

2. Simplify.

Lots of people hold signs at pro-life rallies. The best ones are homemade because they tend to get more media attention than the pre-printed ones. And they’re never offensive, unlike signs by abortion enthusiasts. These make great photos as long as the pro-life signs are legible.

Resist the temptation to photograph groups of people with signs and simplify your photos to one or two people. Move close to your subject. Simplify your shots by eliminating all objects that have nothing to do with who or what you’re capturing.

3.) Abortion is wrong. A person’s face should show it.


That’s what we’re programmed to do when our photo is being taken at a birthday party, but millions of children killed before they’re born won’t have one. That’s the sad reality and hardly worth a pearly smile. If you’re capturing a pro-life protest, shouldn’t those holding signs that refer to the killing of preborn children look melancholy and upset?

Remember to keep the context of your photo in perspective. Direct your subjects so that their faces represent the mood of your event.

Remember, truth is inherently beautiful. So let’s do our best to present the truth beautifully.