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Spreading Lies Via Twitter?

A pro-contraception social media campaign engineered to bring awareness of the supposed positive aspects of birth control launched this week. It’s like the antithesis of our #PillKills campaign, for while we explain the dangers of birth control so that women will be informed and can make better decisions about their health, #ThxBirthControl gets users of the pill to share how they personally benefit from it. 

However, an overarching truth is revealed when one peruses the #ThxBirthControl hashtag on Twitter. You begin to get a sense of a dark tone hidden in the shadows between the Tweets. Birth control is a symptom of a sad, broken state of affairs where the self matters most. This is the contraceptive mentality.

Because no one can do this without birth control?

The social media campaign even showed up, ironically enough, on Self Magazine:

Many of the praises for birth control imply a lifestyle incompatible with success if birth control didn’t exist at all.

But when you look harder at the user’s message, premarital sex really does get in the way of one’s intended life goals.

Meanwhile, others chimed in with a few harsh realities of birth control’s consequences: