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Ridiculous Tweets by Planned Parenthood

It’s easy to be ever changing in your principles when you don’t have any. That’s Planned Parenthood. Inconsistency works well for it because it doesn’t have to put itself in the position of accountability.

Notorious for ignoring the rights of parents to choose for themselves what sex information their children are exposed to, Planned Parenthood encourages parents to be the ones having “The Talk” with their kids.

For parents, talking about sex with children isn’t a matter of should-they-or-shouldn’t-they? It’s the parents’ responsibility to decide for themselves.

Planned Parenthood’s phony concern for “fetal health” is as genuine as a fast food chain’s concern for bovine rights. Its own annual report demonstrates a cataclysmic commitment to detaching human fetuses from their health as compared to the dismal prenatal services it claims to offer.

Planned Parenthood is less about consent and more about mandates. How much consent does PP get from taxpayers before taking taxpayers’ money? What interest does PP have in the consent of employers providing contraception coverage? Does Planned Parenthood seek a community’s consent before building a new killing center?

No, no, and no.

Let’s consider the economics of Planned Parenthood programs. After using government grants to teach kids to have sex, it sends them to PP for STD testing paid for by the government. Then it puts the kids on birth control paid for by the government. Eventually, when the teenager is pregnant, it sends them back to Planned Parenthood for a government-funded abortion.

Cutting funding for PP makes total economic sense.

Hey, Planned Parenthood, Ohio pays for abortion in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

It appears the Twitter account of Planned Parenthood of Ohio is run by teenagers in detention.

Planned Parenthood — keepin’ it classy.

Finally, Planned Parenthood often tweets about the success of Obamacare helping to enroll the uninsured into a health insurance program. But requiring everyone to pay for something isn’t a success story. It’s a mandate. So now PP tweets this?

The lesson: Obamacare is successful at fining Americans for something they don’t want.