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PP Perpetuates Its Own Lies

Who knew it was possible for Planned Parenthood to encapsulate all 101 years of its racist history in just one tweet?

It should come as no surprise that a Planned Parenthood Twitter account called “PP Black Community” even exists. When Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was piecing together her strategy for controlling populations of people that gave her the willies, she knew blacks weren’t going to listen to a white woman lecture them about having fewer babies. So she had to convince black leaders to do the talking for her. 


PP Black Community is Planned Parenthood’s social media account for blacks if Margaret Sanger had Twitter.  

While this site seems to send out innocuous tidbits about health, upon closer examination—in particular the above tweet—we see an underlying message that says procreating minorities are a problem. To say it’s “safer” to have an abortion than it is to birth a child is sending a sinister message to black women that the healthiest choice they can make is to kill their own progeny.

Planned Parenthood and its supporters will never tire of spreading the “abortion is safer than” myth. It can pool together all the statistics it wants to perpetuate this lie, yet the statistics don’t exist to back up this claim. Post-abortion statistics are unreliable because, in order to emotionally protect surviving family members, medical and death records rarely indicate abortion.

Minority communities targeted by Planned Parenthood are burdened by a welfare system designed to keep them in poverty. How does that benefit Planned Parenthood? Medicaid reimbursements. The more that people rely on the government to pay their medical costs, the more Planned Parenthood can put into its bank accounts.

After all, those CEO Lamborghinis won’t pay for themselves.