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Planned Parenthood Introduces Emoji App

This week, Planned Parenthood has once again made its obsession with sex abundantly clear by releasing an emoji app called Ooti the Uterus. As the name implies, Ooti is shaped like the very part of a woman upon which Planned Parenthood wreaks havoc. Ooti provides Apple users with a collection of 27 stickers they can use within Apple’s iMessage social app. A portion of Ooti’s $1.99 purchase price goes to Planned Parenthood.

According to the app developer’s website, Ooti was created to “celebrate this amazing reproductive organ.” If this organ is so amazing, then why does Planned Parenthood keep reversing its function? The main function of the uterus is to provide a home for newly created babies, but Planned Parenthood has NO interest in that! We all know Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars each year killing babies and evacuating them from their first home.

So what’s with this bizarre celebration of the uterus? Perhaps the answer is that the uterus is the leading source of profit for Planned Parenthood in multiple ways. First, Planned Parenthood distributes hormonal birth control, designed specifically to transform a normally functioning, fertile uterus into one that functions abnormally (infertility). When that fails, Planned Parenthood goes medieval on women and babies by inserting shiny metal objects through the birth canal and into the uterus to tear tiny humans apart. But it doesn’t end there. The lining of the mother’s uterus has to be scraped like old wallpaper to remove all evidence of reproduction from ever having taken place.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 12.52.04 PM.png

Given Planned Parenthood’s treatment of the uterus, you have to wonder why the emoji set doesn’t include emojis such as Ooti getting infected by an IUD, Ooti’s side punctured by a curette, or Ooti having a dismembered baby removed.

The only emoji in this set that just happens to be accurate is the one that clearly represents the face of every uterus that has ever entered a Planned Parenthood facility: