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Disturbing Colored Images

Discussions on the devastating effects of abortion have become so anathema to abortion advocates that their rhetoric has lapsed into utter folly. They deny that abortion is human carnage and present the bloodshed of children as a fun coloring activity with Crayola.

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What does abortion look like to you? @abortionlookslike #shoutyourstory #standwithpp

Posted by Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic on Monday, December 7, 2015

Have a look at their eerily twisted project entitled “Abortion Looks Like.” Promoted by Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic and Naral ProChoice New York, this craft show seeks to provide abortion advocates and post-abortive mothers with a means to treat abortion as a lighthearted reality that can be communicated in fun colors.











Science is irrelevant when it contradicts ideology. Nevertheless, as much as Planned Parenthood tries “stigma reducing” for abortion, at the end of the day, it must piece together the massacred bodies of thousands of dead babies.

Planned Parenthood and its ilk will continue their efforts to corrupt the minds of girls and young women to be apathetic toward the tiniest and most defenseless of human beings. Despite their efforts, however, these post-abortive mothers will never be able to color away their post-abortion experiences. When the anything but lighthearted reality of what has happened to their children finally hits them, a box of crayons will be useless. These women need our love, our prayers, and our support.