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Planned Parenthood on the Ropes and the Perverted Miley Cyrus

Pop star Miley Cyrus, who as a child was the darling of the Disney Channel, is a lost soul. Her version of entertainment perverts the hearts and minds of our children. Her songs and actions glorify drug use, promiscuity, homosexuality, and now she is a champion for Planned Parenthood and murdering babies.

Miley just announced the release of a shirt that she designed with a famous Hollywood designer, which carries the caption “Don’t F”ck with my freedom.” She intends to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her disordered wear to Planned Parenthood. She needs help, she’s sold her soul and needs your prayers, and Planned Parenthood needs to be stopped.

You are reading this because you believe that when a human being is conceived, he or she is a human being with the same God-given right to life that you and I share.

It isn’t complicated. But we live in a time where those who support the right to murder babies are unhinged. They violently assault pro-life students on college campuses. They disrupt peaceful rallies with screaming, thrown punches and violence. They relentlessly harass and bully pro-life Americans on social media. And they murder 3,000 children per day in their demonic abortion mills.

Planned Parenthood is scared, and they should be.

To counter the insanity of the disordered—supposed pop “role models” like Miley Cyrus—American Life League is targeting the closing of abortion mills, and preventing new Planned Parenthood facilities from even opening. In 2018, we closed and prevented 12 Planned Parenthood abortion murder centers from opening in Iowa and Nebraska alone. Our “Life Team” hits the ground and we go to work, and with God’s grace, we are taking them out, one by one.

The abortion capital of the United States of America is California. Planned Parenthood has 104 abortion facilities in that state alone. We have been asked to help prevent three clinics from opening in that state right now! The urgent call just came in to us in May, and our team is prepping to visit groups in that state to educate, train, and show them what needs to be done to stop these three new clinics from opening.

I need your urgent gift to help fund our first visit. It is not an overwhelming amount, but we need to raise $3500 to fund the first planned visit to our pro-life friends who are behind enemy lines in California.

Today I would ask you to prayerfully consider rushing a gift to ALL of $15, $125, $35 or $600.

Hollywood is jumping to the rescue of Planned Parenthood because the world loves its own, and the demonic haze that has kept millions of people blind to this issue for decades is being beaten back by the selfless peaceful actions and unrelenting prayers of countless pro-life Americans. God demands our time and energy.

Please keep praying, please keep peacefully protesting and bearing witness to the truth, and keep your children away from filth like Miley Cyrus and the “we-know-better” elites in the entertainment world.

Stand strong. I need your help today. Preventing three new Planned Parenthood clinics from opening will save thousands of babies and moms from the murderous deceivers of Planed Parenthood. Help fund our “Life Team” into action and know that we appreciate you. As this effort progresses, we will keep you updated.

In Christ, the Author of Life,
Judie Brown
American Life League

PS: Let’s go!! Your help and generous gift will fund tangible action that will help us stop the monster that is Planned Parenthood from opening three new kill facilities in California. Rush your gift to us now!! Lives are counting on it!