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Communique – Sep. 20, 2002

in this issue: abortion: CALIFORNIA / CANCER / HR4691 AND S2008brain death: ENEMY OF LIFE AND TRUTHdepo-provera: BLOOD VESSEL IMPAIRMENTdisability rights: CALIFORNIAectopic pregnancy: PRESUMED DIAGNOSIShemlock society: KEVORKIANmorning-after abortion pills: OVER THE COUNTERpersonhood: KENTUCKYpro-life… 

Communique – Jun. 28, 2002

in this issue: american life league: CONFERENCE / KEYES LUNCHEON / YOUTH FESTactivism: CROSSROADS / MAHONEY v. ASHCROFT / STOP PLANNED PARENTHOODchemical abortion: HAZARDSmiracle baby: TENNESSEEpolitics: DROLESKEYstem cell research: ETHICAL ALTERNATIVEzinger: ABORTION?commentary: PLANNED…