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The Planned Parenthood Song

Week after week this summer we have told you about the undercover videos of the baby body parts business at Planned Parenthood. Those who have watched the videos are outraged. BUT, many, many people do not even know what is happening. The mainstream media has all but ignored the revelations, and many who are “pro-choice” refuse to watch them.

Just this week, several thousand Washington, DC, staffers who said they had never seen the videos were invited to watch a special screening of them. Only a dozen or so attended. Those who did attend participated in what appeared to be a planned “walk out,” stating they didn’t believe what they saw.

People need to know what is happening, and they need to understand the evidence being presented.

Recently, Dan Joseph, a talented entertainer who tries to mix politics and humor, created a video that tries to get a whole new segment of the population engaged in this horror. Through the use of lyrics that present facts in a satirical manner, and a well-known and popular tune, he tries to wake the masses to what is happening behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood.

We encourage you to watch this video and send it to your entire mailing list. Tell everyone who watches it to go to to see the undercover videos, and then to take action to stop the horror.