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Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us

By Hugh Brown

The rosary is the single most powerful underutilized weapon that we have as Catholics here on planet Earth.

The intercession of our Blessed Mother is always just a prayer away.

Faith is a gift. But, as human beings, we sometimes war against it. We make our lives and the lives of those around us unnecessarily painful because we simply cannot see past ourselves much of the time. The root of sin is pride, while the root of faith is humility. Humility and pride are not friends, yet in fallen pride we often find humility. In humility, we find the will of God.

We know that faith is trust freely given in an outcome we do not know, but it is an outcome we hope and believe in, and ultimately we know with certainty it is the will of the Lord.

Mary is the perfect model of faith and humility. She trusted the Lord and conceived and bore the world its Savior. She raised Jesus to be the Man that He was. What an extraordinary job she did! She watched as her Son was falsely accused, beaten to death, and crucified on a cross.

Never does it say in the gospel of our Lord’s passion that Mary lost faith. It never refers to her doubting. It never says she was bitter, resentful, or that she asked why me? Her example is one that allows us to trust that when we say the Rosary, she will ask the Lord to hear and answer us.

We live in a time of absurdity. The sins of abortion, homosexuality, gender confusion, hate, and demonic pride masquerading as faithful Catholicism are celebrated and enshrined by the prideful of the world as right and just. Opposition to sin is portrayed as hate, bigotry, and racism. The devil is indeed unleashed.

But we have the infinite power and grace of the rosary. We must turn to our Blessed Mother with faith—faith that knows with certainty that when we pray the Rosary and ask for our Blessed Mother’s intercession our Lord will heal and cure a world and a popular culture that has lost its faith.