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An Open Letter to Anonymous

By Judie Brown

This article by “anonymous,” who has had two abortions and claims to be Catholic, demands a response.

The author of this article gives her reasons for both abortions, seemingly attempting to justify them, even though she knows—and says—they were wrong. In essence, the author is attempting to tell Jesus Christ and His bride, the Church, that we Catholics should be more understanding of women and their whole experience. Indeed, we should have compassion, but compassion does not mean that we should condone or agree with her actions. Further, we must also have compassion for the baby who has lost his life. 

The author remains anonymous, so we are not sure who she is, what she really experienced, or what the exact details were surrounding both abortions. However, we do know that God our Father taught us that “you shall not kill.” This command has no caveats for a “female experience.” But what we do know, proudly and publicly as pro-life Catholics, is that every abortion kills a member of the human family. Abortion is the most tragic violent act imaginable, and it is always deadly. We plead with this anonymous person to see this, especially since she has written, “I see certain American Catholics who don’t take in the entire seamless garment of life, and I wonder if their focus on the unborn is being used to distract attention from other policies that are prejudicial or even lethal. It seems in these cases that the bodies of infants are being used to hide such things.”

Perhaps it does not occur to her that abortion is lethal, that abortion breeds all manner of violence, and that the prejudice toward the preborn child scorns God and spits in His face.

We pray for all anonymous Catholics who cannot yet see God’s mercy as being the source of hope. True trust in God is a gift of faith, not a cudgel to bash other Catholics who understand that every life—born and preborn—is a precious gift from God.