The Planned Parenthood – Afaxys Connection
Executive Summary

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PlannedParenthoodAfaxysReportSSA private company named Afaxys, Inc. was formed in 2008 and is actively increasing its market share in providing contraceptive supplies to the public health sector.

Afaxys is essentially part of the Planned Parenthood empire.

At least one internal Planned Parenthood document refers to Afaxys as “a Planned Parenthood affiliated company.”

The company was cofounded by a group of individuals that includes many current and former Planned Parenthood executives. Its primary founder and CEO, Ronda Dean, was vice president at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Its board of directors includes current CEOs of at least three Planned Parenthood affiliates.

At least some Planned Parenthood affiliates have provided start-up funds to Afaxys and have received company stock in return.

Afaxys markets its own contraceptive products at a profit. In addition, it enters into agreements with other pharmaceutical companies to establish contracts with members of the public health facilities. Since Afaxys is not a nonprofit, there is a profit motive behind its operations.

Why should members of Congress care about this?

Members of Congress should care because this is NOT an effort for Planned Parenthood to enter the free-market business of contraceptive sales, but a concerted effort to make more money from the American taxpayer. The only customers to be served by Planned Parenthood are “public health providers.”

Afaxys itself defines its customers as family planning clinics; college and university health clinics; community health centers; and city, county, and state facilities. The common denominator of all these groups is access to taxpayer money.

As Congress moves to shut off all direct funding of Planned Parenthood for the next year, we urge members of Congress to launch a full investigation of Afaxys and all Planned Parenthood’s “affiliated companies” and end its indirect access to taxpayer funds.

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