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Who Is the Biggest Liar in the Room?

By Judie Brown

Who is the biggest liar in the room? Is it the media, the pro-abortion Catholic, or the president who defends the babies?

OK, none of these folks is perfect. Let’s make that clear. But when it comes to defending the preborn versus those who would prefer killing them to welcoming them, the question takes on a whole new meaning.

Within the media we find several candidates for liar. The first is Mother Jones reporter Rebecca Leber, who recently wrote an article entitled “Trump Has a New Go-To Lie about Abortion, and It’s Horrific.” She opined that, during a rally speech, Trump described “a graphic—and wholly inaccurately—situation in which a mother and doctor ‘execute’ a baby.” But later on in the article she claims that Trump’s descriptions of late-term abortions “are just getting even more graphic and violent.” Rebecca, perhaps you should consider the fact that all abortions kill a baby and that such an event is not only violent, but if described properly, more than a little graphic. Your problem, Rebecca, is that you do not want to admit the truth.

Then we see an article in the Daily Beast entitled “Bizarre, Dangerous and Insulting: Baby Nurses Fed Up with Trump’s Bogus Rants” that states that “President Trump’s latest rant about babies being executed after birth is riling up neonatal nurses, who say he’s twisted the palliative care they provide for the sickest of infants into an anti-abortion rallying cry that could endanger health providers.” It goes on to suggest that Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s description of what happens to a baby born alive after an abortion has been mischaracterized by Trump. The article claims:

“What Northam had described—and what Trump seized on—was not third-trimester abortion but palliative care, in which infants born with severe birth defects are kept comfortable while they are taken off life-sustaining treatment.”

But this article defies reality at every turn. The Northam comments were directly linked to babies born alive after abortion. You can call how they are treated by any name you wish, but the baby dies because a late-term abortion was performed and the baby survived. That was and is the truth, folks!

But for medical professionals—including NICU nurses—who do not want to acknowledge the facts about the horrors of abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason, it becomes easier to point the finger at the messenger and call him a liar rather than admit the ugly truth.

The Washington Examiner tells its readers:

“Our president lies and simply says false things. A lot. Trump’s relationship with the truth is tenuous at best, and at times, his lies don’t even serve a real purpose.”

Yet the article goes on to explain why in the case of late-term abortion Trump actually was telling “the cold, hard truth.”

And on the topic of deceptive statements, pro-abortion Catholic and former vice president Joe Biden really takes the cake. Biden joined the chorus saying President Trump has shredded the moral fabric of America and that he (Biden) would work as president to “restore the American creed.”

Perhaps Biden has lost sight of what it means to knit a moral fabric in the first place. It means opposing abortion, for example, which is among the gravest moral evils enunciated in Catholic teaching.

Further, Biden also is at odds with Catholic teaching on marriage. He is a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage. In fact, “he earned some veiled condemnation from the USCCB when he presided over a gay wedding in 2016.”

So, if the basic moral teachings of the Catholic Church have evaded Biden, how is it that he can suggest that any man has shredded the moral fabric of America? His sanctimonious platitudes are phony at best, evil at worst.

Finally, we get to President Trump, who is not a perfect human being; none of us is. But he is courageously capable of defending the babies and driving the pro-aborts mad! For that, we are most grateful.

So who is the biggest liar in the room? From my perspective as a Catholic pro-life leader, it is anyone who denies that every abortion kills a child of God, no matter the baby’s size or condition. To deny that truth is cruel, vicious, and deadly.