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Trumping the Babies

By Judie Brown

The omnibus budget bill recently signed by President Donald J. Trump has a slight problem. And it’s literally a deadly one. The budget contains a $500,000 sum for Planned Parenthood—the nation’s leading proponent and marketer of abortion!

Upon signing this ghastly excuse for a government funding bill, the president said:

I say to Congress, I will never sign another bill like this again. I’m not going to do it again. Nobody read it. It’s only hours old. Some people don’t even know—it’s $1.3 trillion.

But really, Mr. President? I have to ask you, Speaker Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader McConnell, what in the world can be more urgent than saving the preborn from the clutches of Planned Parenthood? Surely the military defense for this nation takes second place to defending innocent Americans before they are born? Though it apparently does not, it should.

While there will be much gnashing of teeth among the political folk in the pro-life movement, we think there is a more fundamental problem here that is somewhat similar to the elephant in the room—a metaphor that indicates something so grave that it is best just to ignore it. The problem is this: Politicians, like so many others, do not think about abortion as an act that results in the death of a human being. In politics, as in educational circles, polite company, and so many other places, abortion is nothing more than a subject relegated to the laundry list of political issues. Few people think about the word in terms of what it means in actuality—and what it does when committed.

In other words, the truth that an abortion kills a member of the human family never enters the minds of many of these people, including the most ardent politicians who constantly tell their constituents that they are pro-life. To them and many others the term pro-life is a nice adjective that they can use to describe themselves, though in the actual scheme of things it means little to nothing at all.

Let’s fix that!

To fix this we must start with one basic fact. Anyone who calls himself pro-life should be someone who sees the preborn baby—from his biological beginning—as a human individual who possesses every right that we have beginning with the right to live.

It does not matter that the single cell embryonic baby does not “look like” you, but rather that he is someone who possesses his own DNA and is already in possession of the necessary information to grow. You and I are constantly growing, learning, and changing. So is a single cell preborn child.

Do you look the same as you did when you were born? Of course not! And if you do not look the same, what difference should it make if that single cell human embryo looks different than she will when she is celebrating her first birthday?

President Trump, his fellow Republicans, the Democrats, members of the media, and many others do not think in terms of who dies when an abortion is committed. We are obliged to help them see that truth. It is a biological truth—a fact based on reason and common sense—and it is the single most important thing we can teach.

Trumping the babies happened because of ignorance and arrogance. But we dare not curse the darkness. We must shine the light of honesty and integrity. We must HUMANIZE the preborn child. Only then will we bring to the forefront what it REALLY means to be pro-life!


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Learn the facts about abortion. Get involved with the activism led by 40 Days for Life, the Red Rose Rescue, and other activism efforts.

Teach your children from kindergarten onward the iconic truth that a baby is a baby, no matter how small.

Only when we take action and change hearts and minds will we save lives and souls.