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Trump, Biden, and Love!

By Judie Brown

Cursing the darkness or waiting for someone else to take up the cause, especially if that someone is a politician like Trump or Biden, is never a good idea. The plight of the innocent preborn, elderly, and others whose lives are at risk every day rests upon us. With God’s help, amazing things can happen regardless of who is in the White House or anywhere else.

American Life League’s very own Katie Brown and Dwain Currier discussed this in our latest weekly video program. The theme is “Keep Doing These Five Things.” Those five things are as follows:

  • Still be a loving voice for the preborn, children, and all those who are vulnerable in any way, including the elderly and the infirm.
  • Still march in January.
  • Still help new moms who might be scared, and help parents and the entire family.
  • Still pray, especially now more than ever.
  • Do not lose hope.

Katie and Dwain assure viewers that our work to save the innocent does not depend on an election outcome, but rather on our commitment to stay the course and unconditionally love the vulnerable. This is especially relevant during a time in our history when so much hateful rhetoric and violence is targeting others as the miscreants misrepresent truth at every turn.

Sports writer and television personality Jason Whitlock sees the power of love, saying: “This was a country founded on Judeo-Christian values and we are moving away from that. . . . God is the embodiment of love and we are a society that seems to be embracing and favoring hate and empowering hate.”

Whitlock’s comments send a signal that there is hope that even the secular can see the value of love. We strive to add to that chorus as we work within our community spreading the pro-life message of hope.

In Indiana, for example, wonderful strides have been made, thanks to a state program for parents and expectant mothers. Indiana has already seen a drop in the abortion rate because loving alternatives are provided to those in need of affirmation.

This is proof that what our nation needs is the ability, through each of us, to alleviate the fear of abandonment that drives so many expectant mothers to the abortion mills. This is the very same fear that drives an ailing person to assisted suicide.

Mark Davis Pickup shared his insight about that fear. Pickup, who has suffered with multiple sclerosis for years, knows of what he speaks when he says:

But it is only in that state of complete abandon that the Redeemer reveals the reason for our existence. That is when we discover a surprising irony: In our spiritual surrender and abandon we discover liberation and freedom.

I know it may seem strange that a man confined to an electric wheelchair would write about liberation and freedom. Stranger still, I will tell you that it was because of that decrepit physical state that my spiritual state began to mature.

Each of us can mature in our prayer life, our pro-life work, our family relationships, and in the world. As we do, we will spread love—a love that dispels the darkness, the hatred, the doubt, and so much more.

So keep doing these five things:

  • Be a loving voice for the preborn, children, and all those who are vulnerable in any way, including the elderly and the infirm.
  • Plan to march in January in your own state or in Washington, DC.
  • Help new moms who might be scared. Help their parents and the entire family.
  • Pray
  • Never lose hope.

By doing these five things, we will sow seeds of love that will stamp out the hate, the vitriol, and the evil! Babies will live because of love. The elderly will be at peace because of love. And frankly, you will thrive in your life in Christ because of love!