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Planned Parenthood’s Cockeyed Injustices

By Judie Brown

Everyone knows that Planned Parenthood’s entire effort is built much like the proverbial house that was built on sand. Just one big puff of reason and the whole thing comes tumbling down—or at least it should if we lived in a morally just society.

But we do not.

In a less politically charged environment, one would not suggest that David Daleiden’s investigative reporting and video work led to the actions of a crazed shooter who attacked a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic last year and killed three people. That being said, the allegation has been made, and David Daleiden has responded, saying that his video reporting was completely nonviolent and that he is “totally against cruelty, especially cruelty of the kind you saw in Colorado.”

What is so very obvious in this spate of accusations and ruminations on the anniversary of the Robert Dear killings is that, since Planned Parenthood cannot defend itself against the Center for Medical Progress video reporting, it has taken to dealing in innuendo and character assassination. This is not really surprising given the penchant of the media to do Planned Parenthood’s bidding no matter the facts.

But Planned Parenthood has other ideological problems as well. For example, while we know that parents of miscarried children suffer greatly from their loss and need our support, our prayers, and our companionship during their struggles, “Planned Parenthood refuses to acknowledge that when a miscarriage occurs, a baby dies.” In fact one writer states, “Abortion advocates have recently released a flood of outlandish and deceptive claims intended to defeat and discredit efforts to ensure that deceased infants receive dignified and respectful treatment. Many in the media have joined the abortion industry’s hysterical crusade, castigating these infant dignity laws as clandestine abortion regulations designed to shutter clinics and deny women choices. Even in death, unborn infants receive no respect from an abortion industry anxious to portray such human beings as trash.”


Yes, because when an organization’s stock in trade is killing the preborn and denying that the dead victims are really human beings or even victims at all, then that same organization will lash out and verbally excoriate anyone or any group committed to affirming the beauty of God’s gift of life. That is why organizations like Planned Parenthood are so adamant in their fight to stop funerals for miscarried and stillborn children.

Frankly, as someone who has done all I can to advocate for such funerals as a way to bring closure to the parents of a miscarried baby, I find this latest example of cockeyed injustice horrifying and downright ignorant.

But then again, we know that every innocent human being from the instant his life begins is a person and deserving of our respect. We realize that life is precious and we strive constantly to deliver that message in as many ways as we can.

Unlike Planned Parenthood and its cockeyed injustices, pro-life Americans fight for truth, justice, and equal rights for every human being—born and preborn.


Combat the evil with truth! Join American Life League in defiance of the culture of our day—this culture of death. Through your actions and words, become a part of our movement to build a culture of life. Pray, be informed, and educate others.

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image: Jeff Wallace via Flickr | CC-2.0