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Obama’s Supposititious Facts

Supposititious: fraudulently substituted, imaginary

When the recent Institute of Medicine recommendations came to light last Tuesday, there was a deluge of media commentary that followed. The reason for the feeding frenzy was a specific category of “services for women” in other words, “contraceptive methods and counseling to prevent unintended pregnancies.”

Of the eight recommendations, this one seemed to get the most play in secular circles. But it was to American Life League’s credit that we pointed out the real reason why: “States are defunding Planned Parenthood left and right. The media frenzy of the budget crisis was just the cover Obama needed to arrange the announcement of a predetermined conclusion that his friends at Planned Parenthood now need and always expected from an abortion addicted administration.”

Yes, that is truly what this entire health care law nightmare has been about from the beginning. The government takeover of health care, as it is called, is really about determining whether or not certain individuals have a right to be counted among the living whether they are preparing for birth or are ill and dying. The Obama administration’s fetish for control centers on the central question of our time: Does a human being have innate dignity or does the state define the status of a specific human being?

The power rests in a secular society with those who perceive themselves to be in charge, and thus the IOM recommendations which, to my mind, could have been written by Planned Parenthood itself. In fact, the news media has counted on Planned Parenthood for the “facts” in the matter. NPRs Julie Rovner quoted senior director for medical services for Planned Parenthood Federation of American, Deborah Nucatola, who opined, “Half of all pregnancies that happen in the U.S. every year are unintended.” She continued, “And if we could prevent an epidemic of this proportion, that should be justification enough that contraception is preventive care.”

Or, in unblemished English, “Babies whose mothers really did not want to get pregnant in the first place but wanted to have promiscuous sex are creating an epidemic that must be prevented.”

NARALs Nancy Keenan could not agree more, telling reporters, “Making family-planning services available at no cost will help millions of women prevent unintended pregnancy and thereby reduce the need for abortion.”

This statement, part of the dictionary of supposititious facts Obama has adopted from the culture of death, relies on the myth that the birth control pill and other such chemicals do not abort human individuals during their first week of life. Rather than admitting the truth, the proponents of free recreational drugs like the birth control pill are sticking to their dubious version of what it takes to “reduce the need for abortion.”

The time for honesty is upon us. You and I and every American taxpayer are now fully aware of what many of us have been warning of for several years””we are going to fund the direct and indirect killing of our fellow Americans because they are inconveniently interfering with the lives of those who wish to shirk their responsibilities in sexual matters while pursuing a sexually-saturated lifestyle.

Heres hoping we wake up and begin turning back the tide. We need to start telling the truth about birth control. Contraceptives do not “help families plan pregnancies,” they facilitate sterility, self-absorption, and death.

NEXT WEEK: How our friends are betraying this truth