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Obamacare Takes Control with Devastating Consequences

There is absolutely no doubt in people’s minds that the massive health care reform law that is now part of our health care system will wreak havoc from one end of this nation to the other.

In Colorado, for example, where Dr. Christopher Centeno is making great progress using adult stem cells to treat patients with hip or knee damage, the government’s Food and Drug Administration has stepped in to call a halt to the treatment. The government’s argument is that the process Dr. Centeno’s clinic uses is actually a type of “drug” therapy, and therefore must be stopped until further notice, as the clinic is not authorized to develop its own “drugs.”

In an interview with World Net Daily, Dr. Centeno maintains that the process his clinic uses does not constitute the development of any drugs and that his patients have benefitted from his treatment for years. Furthermore, he says that only a small percentage of his patients go on to need surgery—thus keeping their costs low and their recovery time shorter. Centeno makes it clear that, at least in his opinion, under Obamacare there will be an effort on the part of the government to control every aspect of health care. “This is opening a Pandora’s box that will never be closed,” Centeno warned.

This abomination can not only be seen in Colorado, but in West Virginia as well. Two hospitals are being put under immense pressure to cut their costs. Both received a letter regarding a proposal being considered by the local Health Care Reform Bill Commission that “would cut Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement to hospitals where more than 5 percent of hospital employees are found to be 25 percent heavier than generally accepted height and weight guidelines.”

In other words—should this take effect and should the overweight staff not lose the required amount of weight in the given time period—if there are too many employees on staff at the local hospital who exceed the government’s required weight limits, prospective Medicare and Medicaid patients would suffer, as would their care. Since when is this sort of policy commensurate with the American way of treating the downtrodden, the ill and the needy?

Astounding, is it not, that ever since Obamacare became law, more and more doctors and hospitals are losing their ability to provide proper care and treatment?

Obamacare is not only advancing life-threatening policies on born patients, but it is making it possible for taxpayers to purchase more and more abortions! Even in military hospitals there is a hue and cry to honor those military heroes by making sure their babies die at the hands of abortionists. As horrific as this scenario sounds, it is all part of the Obama plan to provide health care in the context of killing the unwanted and denying care to those who don’t fit into the government-ordered parameters of health care recipients.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities, recently wrote a letter to U.S. senators in which he asked, “Which is a more direct governmental involvement in abortion: That the government reimburses someone else for having done an abortion, or that the government performs the abortion itself and accepts payment for doing so?” Either way is an atrocity.

Where will this all lead? When are folks going to wake up and smell the burning flesh—the bodies of their fellow Americans, both born and preborn, that are piling up as the Obamacare freight train keeps rolling along?

Where is the outrage?