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National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week Begins Tomorrow!

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day started nine years ago on Monday, April 28, 2003, with the idea of choosing a day and having every pro-life student in America wear a pro-life shirt in order to show unity for our cause. 

Over the next 5 years, it continued to grow. Then, in 2008, it blossomed into National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week (NPLTW). It was clear that the audience and dedication was swelling and so, in 2009, American Life League introduced the NPLTW photo contest. The contest consisted of a long list of tasks to complete while wearing a pro-life T-shirt and documenting them by taking a photo. In this first year, almost 2,000 photos of youth (and adults) wearing their pro-life shirts were loaded onto our site from all around the country. The second year, 2010, the bar was raised by offering a more mainstream prize structure and the result was the submission of almost 4,000 pro-life photos—twice as many as the previous year.

This brings us to 2011 and the official “I AM A PERSON” T-shirt design. It showcases a sonogram image and the phrase, “Equal Rights for Preborn People.”

The 9th annual NPLTW starts tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12 and, along with it, the 3rd annual NPLTW photo contest. Feedback from previous participants led to offering not only individual prizes but group prizes as well. Group photo submission was added to bring the competition to an organizational level so that friends and family could compete together and spread the pro-life message as a unit. 

Although NPLTW officially starts tomorrow, the photo contest started about a month ago. As with the last two years, the available tasks (350 this year) have been slowly released over the last few weeks. If the current rate of photo submission is any indication of how many photos will be loaded this year, it already looks like another record-breaking year. As of Monday morning, the day before the start of NPLTW, American Life League had already received more photo submissions than were received in the first photo contest in 2009.

If you have not registered, it’s not too late to get started. Just visit, register and print out the task list. You can wear the official NPLTW T-shirt or you can wear any other pro-life T-shirt you have in conjunction with an official NPLTW “I AM A PERSON” sticker. You may, as others have in the past, make your own pro-life shirt if you don’t own one!

Even if you do not plan to participate in the photo contest, be sure to wear your pro-life T-shirt this week and don’t be afraid to walk around in public areas to spread the message. Every person counts—born and preborn.

NPLTW – April 12-April 18, 2011

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at
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