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Human Persons or Biological Material

Recent days have exposed yet another bloodthirsty side of the Obama Administration’s culture of death agenda. As Obama’s congressional collaborators push to encourage Congress to circumvent the District Court ruling forbidding the use of tax dollars for human embryonic stem cell research (HESCR), the administration is appealing the decision. Congresswoman Diana DeGette, who authored the funding bill, told the media, “Embryos and stem cells are two entirely different organisms.” Clearly DeGette is either ignorant of the facts or is marketing snake oil. It is obvious that scientific facts are meaningless to those in power.

The fact is that a human embryonic stem cell is an integral part of the embryonic human being at his blastocyst stage, as Professor Dianne Irving and others have so patiently and repeatedly taught. To put it in plain English, “A stem cell is only a part of a whole organism; an organism is the whole thing.”

Professor Robert George and colleagues describe these facts as “the inconvenient truth” which Obama fails to recognize. As George explains

From the single-cell stage of development onward, the human embryo is a distinct, determinate, self-directing, integrated human organism—a living member of the human species who, if given a suitable environment, will move along the seamless trajectory of biological development toward maturity. At the so-called “blastocyst stage,” when the embryo might be destroyed to derive embryonic stem cells, he or she is already a living individuated organism. The very same organism—the very same human being—who, unless deprived of the conditions of survival, will soon be crawling, then walking, and then a few years later asking mom and dad for the car keys.

On the other side of the Atlantic, we are witnessing a similar pattern of disregard for life—in this case pitting human embryos against animals. In order to curtail animal experimentation, the European Union is proposing using  “alternative” test subjects for such research—including “living human embryos.”

It seems that those who are committed to killing human beings will take every avenue necessary to facilitate their ongoing human development hoax, perpetrating the falsehood about the true nature of a human embryo.  

What is so patently insane about this is that Thomas Aquinas understood the fundamental facts about the human person and wrote about them over 700 years ago—in A.D. 1264. Remember, Thomas was not a scientist! According to Aquinas, a “human being” is defined as a compound substance consisting of three principles: matter (body), form (soul), and “esse” (act of existing). Each of these principles is unique for each individual person!

Now if Aquinas understood, what’s wrong with today’s intellectually elite?

Whether one examines the philosophy or the science, the evidence is clear, yet the rabid insistence on falsifying it continues. One is reminded of the wise admonition Dr. Irving set forth more than a decade ago when she exposed the fraudulent language being propagated by the government bureaucrats. She wrote then, and it surely applies now, 

The entire scientific community and the American public need to get on top of these clearly fraudulent issues now. To wait any longer will cause irreparable harm to the objective integrity and credulity of the various and interrelated fields of science themselves, as well as to the American public—by applying to them such strange “theories” and “facts” in a myriad of ill-conceived and fraudulently based health care public policies.

It’s high time that we demand accountability from all those who equate the human person with mere biological material and who proceed to advocate their deaths. The deceit must end. We must speak up for those who cannot speak. Human beings’ lives depend on it.

What are you doing to advocate for these innocent lives?

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