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Death Peddlers’ Entrepreneurial Spirit

Let me recount the ways pro-death forces profit from their deadly trade.

Abortionist Martin Haskell, developer of the intact dilation and extraction method of killing (a type of partial birth abortion), recently moved his abortion facility from Cincinnati, Ohio to Sharonville, Ohio. The pediatricians who will be Haskell’s new neighbors are disgusted by this gruesome turn of events.  As of this writing there is no word about what brought Haskell to close one facility and open a new one in a different location.
Speaking, in 1996, of Martin Haskell and his late-term abortion record, the late Congressman Henry Hyde said, “Dr. Martin Haskell has conceded that at least 80 percent of the partial-birth abortions he performs are entirely elective; 80 percent are elective. And he admits to over a thousand of these abortions, and that is some years ago.” One can surmise from this that perhaps Haskell believes that by moving he can increase his profit margin.
Researcher Dr. Keith Muir, who is experimenting using tissue from aborted babies and human embryonic stem cells to treat stroke victims explains to the news media, “We are pleased that the first patient in the trial has undergone surgery successfully.” Muir did not address the unethical source of the “material” he used in his experimental treatment study but the media reports, “Incredibly, one 12-week-old fetus could generate enough cells to treat hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of patients.”
One can only imagine the cost per treatment, and the lucrative benefit this would be to the individual who owns the patent on the process.
On the in vitro fertilization playing field, “Octomom” Nadya Suleman is in the news again. Her doctor, Michael Kamrava, could lose his medical license if the medical board hearing goes the wrong way. Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, a fertility specialist, spoke at the hearing, saying in Kamrava’s defense, “Fetal reduction remains as our safety net with in vitro fertilization.”
The financial benefit of this eugenic practice is obvious. Not only must the patient pay for the “fertility treatment”–which can run from $10,000 to $15,000 per attempt–but if “fetal reduction” (FR) is used, there could be additional fees. Fetal reduction means preborn children are systematically killed due to failure to meet quality control standards. Others die by accident. Sadly, since not a single one of these embryonic children is viewed as a human person, nobody really knows the body count; the cost in human lives lost is of no consequence. Only the money matters!
Another example of money taking priority over a human person comes from the Soros family. The family provides funding for all sorts of sordid projects that have as the end result unhealthy behaviors, emotional problems and dead babies. One such benefactor is Jennifer Allan Soros, who “gave $50,000 to Planned Parenthood of New York City to help the local affiliate open its first health-services clinic on Staten Island.” Abortion referrals and birth control services are part of the menu of services being offered and, as we have learned from Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP), Planned Parenthood is not above charging considerably more money for its services when the federal government is picking up the tab.
The money just seems to pour into the culture of death establishment. Whether one is engaged in direct preborn child killing, killing in a reproductive technology laboratory or killing consciences and preborn children by hawking the abortive pill to kids, there’s big money in this demonic business.
Using psychologist Florence Thomas, who refers to her own aborted preborn child as a tumor, as an example of how some people think about a preborn person, reporter Matthew Cullinan Hoffman opines, “A fundamental indifference to human life and the personhood of others is endemic among pro-abortion thinkers, which should bring pro-lifers to ask ourselves if we are really understanding our opponents in this debate.”
Hoffman’s prescient insight is indeed timely. At the very least, we should be praying for our opponents. Each of us must also expose these horrors, hoping that one day the enemies of humanity will awaken to the brutality of what they are selling.