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Biden Embraces His Commitment to Killing

Biden’s White House recently announced a meeting with pro-abortion leaders. In that announcement, the following statement was made: “In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Biden declared that the constitutional right affirmed by Roe v. Wade is under attack as never before and reiterated his commitment to protecting women’s access to health care.”

Those words are merely an attempt to hide the fact that this administration supports the murder of babies. I say this because, unlike other crimes against humanity that are acknowledged because they are heinous, abortion is never defined by the secularists, by elected officials, or sadly by many church leaders as the crime it actually is: murder.

What we as pro-life Americans really need to do is take a reality check and determine what we can do to help our fellow human beings see this truth. This is absolutely mandatory in the new era of doublespeak that we hear and read, not to mention see, everywhere we turn. The babies need voices that speak truth.

Imagine what the White House could have done had it said that Biden reiterated his commitment to allowing women to murder their children under the guise of healthcare. One would think that if Biden ever really believed the tenets of the faith he claims as his own, he would know this instinctively, but of course that would require intellectual honesty. And as we have seen, that is a commodity in very short supply these days.

Today it is becoming more urgent than at any point in the last 50-plus years for us to be explicit in our messaging because, as we see, more and more babies are dying without a surgeon ever raising a scalpel. The latest headlines tell us that more than half of all abortions are done via the ingestion of deadly chemicals.

Some say this is so because the pandemic compelled more expectant mothers to do their dirty deed at home instead of traveling to an abortionist’s place of business. And as if by magic, as soon as states began recognizing this tragedy and made efforts to end it through legislation, the propagandists went into overdrive.  

Yet, whether the baby is killed by a birth control pill, an abortion pill, or a surgical implement, the fundamentals do not really change. The result is still the same: A baby dies. And that is where we need to continue focusing our efforts. Two people—two distinctly separate human beings—are involved in any pregnancy: the mother and her preborn child. Both of these individuals deserve to be acknowledged, loved, and taken care of in the very best way possible.

And while some tell us that abortion is a loving act, the reality is that abortion results in one dead person and one wounded person. No amount of rhetoric or high-priced advertising will change that. So why do people like President Biden find it so hard to see the truth?

The simple answer is that consciences dulled by the willful acceptance of evil are dead to truth. Such people do not realize that they truly need to be forgiven for the errors they propagate. A wise man who studied this phenomenon once wrote:

Some put themselves in a state of unforgiveableness because they refuse to accept God’s conditions for forgiveness, i.e., the willingness to admit their wrong doing. If a person is sick and admits it, there is some hope that the cause of his sickness can be discovered and remedied. But if a person is sick and insists that he is well, if he refuses to acknowledge that he might be ill, there is not much the Divine Physician can do for him. The worst thing in the world is not sin. It’s the denial of sin by a false conscience. The unforgivable sin is the denial of sin.

Into this reality of the modern world and its acceptance of killing babies as a human right come those of us who know the truth and who live our lives defending that truth regardless of the cost.

Biden embraces evil and its darkness, while we pray that God uses us to shine the light of truth.