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Babies, Bunnies, Blenders and Government Money

Genius is a gift that can be expressed in a classroom, a corporate structure or even on YouTube! Recently we witnessed a perfect example of this in American Life League’s video, “Planned Parenthood’s Bunnies.”  

By simply using a lovely little black bunny and a blender, the creative genius at American Life League developed a 30-second message about why the government should not fund Planned Parenthood. The message is so explosive that it has driven the enemies of moral sanity nuts!  For that we are eternally grateful, but it’s just the beginning.

Inspired by the heroism of Congressman Mike Pence, who will not give an inch on his actions to cut off every tax dollar from Planned Parenthood, we could do no less than remind Americans that no one’s hard earned money should be spent by the government on programs that have no positive effect on the economy.  These are hard times and, as everyone knows, a dollar spent on porn and sex trafficking is a dollar spent to destroy the nation.  

The honest truth is that this is exactly what Planned Parenthood uses its endless supply of our tax dollars to promote.  The Stop Planned Parenthood International Wednesday STOPP Reports have been exposing the facts, the numbers and the statistics for a very long time.  

This is why Pence and others among his peers have no fear, when telling the public, “As recent headlines have shown, Planned Parenthood clinics have faced allegations of violating reporting laws in several states, instructing young women to lie about their age to get an abortion without their parents’ knowledge, and have been found civilly liable for failure to report statutory rape.”

Not only that, but House Speaker John Boehner has given his word that the battle has been engaged and he has no intention of backing down.

This is why the blender bunny has, in conjunction with the almost daily public exposés about Planned Parenthood, driven the opposition to truth mad. As Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards explained, “Going after the strongest brand in women’s health in America is one of the stupidest things the Republican Party could have done.”

Richards and her allies are on the run! It is clear that when name calling replaces the facts, pro-life Americans have every reason to be hopeful that the bunny will continue to demolish the disastrous outcomes Planned Parenthood has been fostering among our young people for years.

Making our point for us is AlterNet’s Sarah Seltzer, who described American Life League’s ad as “grisly,” not to mention her definition of ALL as “virulently anti-choice.” The fundamental fly in the ointment for folks like Seltzer is that many in Congress, serious about cutting taxpayer spending, are examining federal budgetary fat. These men and women want to cut out programs that are failing to provide positive results. Obviously, funding for Planned Parenthood falls into that category.

Now is the time for action and here is what you can do:

Lay a foundation of prayer: Prayer right now can mean the difference between moral sanity in the programs the government chooses to fund and continuing immoral propagandizing of elementary, middle and high school children.
Contact your Senators now. The battle is heating up in the Senate and every contact can make a difference as we encourage them to stop wasting our tax dollars on failing programs like those that support Planned Parenthood. Click here for contact information. 
Involve your church and family members in the fight.
Make your point for those who doubt by sharing the “Planned Parenthood Bunnies” video.

Planned Parenthood’s track record is becoming more and more obvious as the focus of attention among members of Congress and the public at large shifts away from its previous “image” as the Florence Nightingale of the poor to the reality that, as the chief sleaze purveyor to the young, Planned Parenthood has no regard for the law, for parental rights or for human dignity. 

We must remember, and convey to our Senators, this simple message: As taxpayers, we do not want our tax dollars being used to fund failed programs such as those advocated by Planned Parenthood.