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Aborted Babies Incinerated?

By Judie Brown

If the name Stericycle sounds unfamiliar to you, it will soon sound hauntingly familiar. Stericycle is in the waste recycling business. One of the products it recycles and disposes of in order to manage “specialized waste streams” is aborted baby bodies and body parts.

Stericycle has a long and grisly history that dates back, at least in our records, to 2011 when Stop Planned Parenthood International founder Jim Sedlak called attention to its aborted baby recycling in an article entitled “Medical Waste Company Stericycle Enables Planned Parenthood Abortions.” Sedlak reported on the efforts of the Philadelphia-based Campaign to Stop Stericycle that began its important investigations in 2010, writing at the time that among other things “Stericycle was one of the top collaborators with infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller . . . who proudly admitted to killing over 30,000 babies in his lifetime, at his former abortuary in Wichita, Kansas, before it had been closed down due to his death.”

Ever since those first reports, the pressure has built against Stericycle’s dubious involvement with members of the abortion industry who dispose of aborted baby body parts and aborted babies. Fast forward to this week.

In a press release discussing a court case that began yesterday, the Thomas More Society reported that its defense of the pro-life advocacy group Created Equal stems from the fact that Stericycle is attempting to have a temporary restraining order executed against Created Equal that would effectively stifle the group’s ongoing effort to expose the fact that “Stericycle is ‘enabling’ abortion giant Planned Parenthood to continue profiting by taking advantage of women and their preborn children.”

Mark Harrington, Created Equal’s founder, is committed to his efforts to do all he can to expose Stericycle’s grisly business enterprise involving aborted babies and their disposal. Perhaps that is why Stericycle is doing everything it can to stop Harrington’s efforts to expose the grisly truth.

As for us, we need only review the statements of abortionists like Renee Chelian, founder of the Northland Family Planning Centers—an abortion chain—to conclude that Stericycle is guilty of running modern-day ovens that dispose of bodily remains.

In an extensive report regarding Chelian and her forays with the dead bodies of the children she has aborted, we learn all we need to know about why Mark Harrington’s campaign is vitally important:

According to the abortion industry’s own experts, the abortion industry’s Achilles heel is the medical waste companies such as Stericycle that incinerate and dispose of the bodies of aborted children whom it kills, argues pro-life group Created Equal. The abortion industry, it says, simply cannot function without partnering with these companies.

It’s this “problem” faced by the abortion industry, of how to regularly dispose of the high volume of children’s bodies it kills, that Created Equal’s #ProjectWeakLink looks to make use of.

They point, for example, to a key admission by Michigan abortion chain owner Renee Chelian: “We are all one incinerator away, or one incineration company away, from being closed.”

Incinerators burn things.

Preborn children are human beings. They are not things! Yet in our bloodthirsty culture they are things, and they are regularly incinerated.

Stop the madness. Follow #ProjectWeakLink and spread the word about this horrid practice.


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