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An Independence Day Prayer

Oh Lord, Our God, help our nation!

On this Independence Day weekend, we find that our nation is steeped in acts that result in the killing of innocent preborn children. We know that each of these babies is Your child, created in Your image and Your likeness. Lord, we pray for an end to this senseless slaughter every day, but in a special way we pray for it on this Independence Day.

America is a land awash in the blood of the innocents. Lord, we ask for Your healing power on our land, Your blessings on the faithful, and Your Holy Spirit to open the hearts and minds of those who seem to embrace death and hate life. What our nation needs now, Oh God, is independence from evil of every kind beginning with an end to the scourge of abortion.

God help each American to see truth, justice, and love in every person, born and preborn. We ask You all these things in humility as we pray trusting always in Your Divine Will.