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Hugh Brown Bio

Hugh Brown has been involved in the pro-life movement for most of his life.  As the eldest son of Paul Brown and Judie Brown — the co-founder and President of American Life League (ALL), Hugh joined ALL and serves on its Board of Directors and is the Executive Vice-President. Hugh is a sought- after speaker on all pro-life issues and Catholic spirituality for men, fathers, and families, as well as on issues of Catholic education affecting teachers, parents and students.

Hugh had a successful 25-year career as a corporate executive managing one of the nation’s most well-known direct mail marketing firms. He has real world experience to speak on regarding the practical and spiritual means of handling the daily stresses that work and the secular world can have on family life and fatherhood.

Hugh consistently writes for American Life League on the most important and timely pro-life topics, and appears regularly on “Trending with Timmerie”, a popular show broadcast on the national Relevant Radio network.

Hugh and his wife Ann have five children. In 2004, motivated by his desire to ensure that his children and other students could receive a quality Catholic high school education within his community, when none then existed, Hugh worked to plan and open St. Michael the Archangel High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This co-ed high school has been a model school based on pro-life values included throughout the entire 4-year curriculum, and it is certified by its diocese. Hugh also serves as Head Football Coach, integrating sports with faith and morals.