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Unborn Women Can’t Make History

By Kurt Kondrich

One of the signs and slogans showcased during the recent Women’s March on Washington was “Well behaved women seldom make history.” Women have had a priceless influence and made countless amazing contributions to our nation and culture, and none of us would be here today were it not for our mothers carrying and delivering us into this world. Many activists claim there is a war on women and they express great fear about the pro-life movement to protect our most innocent and vulnerable children.

On 1/27/17, there [was] another March on Washington to mark the grave 44th anniversary of our country’s legalizing of the slaughter of our most defenseless citizens. Since 1973, there have been close to 60 million unborn children killed, and over half of these terminated individuals have been women. Imagine all the joy, hope, light, and incredible impacts these 30 million terminated females would have brought and shined upon our country, and think of all the doctors, teachers, leaders, mothers, sisters, CEOs, actresses, and beautiful ladies we have lost. There are areas of the world where prenatal children are identified, targeted, and executed for the offense of being a woman. Where is the fear and outcry, and where are the marches, to address this female genocide and most extreme form of social injustice and profiling? Think of the remarkable history these exterminated unborn women would have made.

I challenge women and men to join and pray for [preborn babies]. It is time to make history and end this American holocaust of our most innocent girls and boys. As senior director of development at Human Coalition, I am extremely blessed with the opportunity to rescue children and serve families, and one day history will be made when abortion is unthinkable and unavailable. All of us will be held accountable to God for what we did or didn’t do during our lives to rescue and protect these defenseless human beings. What will you tell your children about where you were during this moment in history?

Proverbs 24:11 “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.”

Kurt Kondrich is the senior director of development at Human Coalition of Pittsburgh. After two decades spent protecting and serving his local community as a police officer, Kurt felt God stir his heart to begin a career protecting and serving the most defenseless members of his community: the preborn. In 2003, Kurt’s wife gave birth to their daughter Chloe, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. While the couple eagerly welcomed their second child, Kurt was horrified to learn that many babies diagnosed prenatally with this chromosomal condition are aborted. So Kurt and Chloe became vocal advocates for legislative change. Kurt has shared his passion for life at churches and on college campuses, and he relishes one-on-one conversations with pro-lifers seeking deeper engagement in an effort to end abortion.

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image: Willi Heidelbach via Flickr | CC-2.0