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The Hidden Tie between Abortion and Contraception

By Emily Brown

The Guttmacher Institute recently released its latest report on the number of abortions in the United States. Here are the numbers of medical and surgical abortions from the last five years:

2010    1,102,700

2011    1,058,500

2012    1,011,000

2013       958,700

2014       926,200

These numbers show that surgical and medical abortions have decreased during this time in the United States. Now, you may be tempted to think: “This is great! Each year, fewer babies are being killed.” But let’s investigate a bit further.

What’s really going on?

As soon as these numbers were released, Planned Parenthood took credit. Its president, Cecile Richards, said: “It shows that we’re finally doing a better job of helping women get access to birth control that’s affordable and that’s high-quality.”

Cecile is not entirely wrong. Yes, surgical and medical abortions have decreased, but what about the unreported chemical abortions caused by birth control devices and pills? These pills and devices are causing newly created human beings to be expelled and die before even attaching to their mother. This is abortion.

Plan B is arguably the most common emergency contraceptive. In 2009 Plan B was available to 17 year olds. Then in 2013 the age restriction was lowered to 15. Look at the big drop in medical and surgical abortions from 2012 to 2013. Is this a coincidence? I think not.

Thus, while medical and surgical abortions are slowly decreasing, we are facing a growing battle against contraception. We must fight this battle—and it is a battle that can only be won through education. People, especially young girls, must be taught that Plan B, the pill, and other forms of hormonal contraception ARE causing abortions. They do not only prevent pregnancy; they are killing human beings who are just a few days old.

Life Defenders teaches the truth and will continue teaching the truth each and every day. We will continue talking with young adults about the very real dangers in these pills. As a result, we will change hearts and save lives! Become a Life Defender and help us spread the truth about contraception.

Emily Brown, the granddaughter of Judie Brown, graduated magna cum laude from Mount St. Mary’s University with a bachelor’s degree in special and elementary education and a minor in theology in May 2015. She is the director of ALL’s youth department, ALL Life Defenders. She plans on educating and collaborating with young adults all over the country to empower the new generation to respect all life from creation to death!