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The Catholic Guy: Building Faith through Humor

“Hellooo Catholics! And everyone else!” is the greeting that draws every listener in and brings a smile to their faces as The Catholic Guy Show on SiriusXM’s Catholic Channel begins.

These five words commence two hours of “pure Catholic pleasure,” as host Lino Rulli calls it. And often, they are the best and funniest two hours of the day.

When Lino Rulli first took the job with SiriusXM as The Catholic Guy, he had no idea the impact he would have, the amount of people who would return to Catholicism or strengthen their faith because of him, or the bonds of community he would create. But, since its inception in 2006, The Catholic Guy Show has done exactly that—and more.

Who is The Catholic Guy?

Lino Rulli, also known as The Catholic Guy, grew up in a small Catholic family in Minnesota. From a young age, he showed a passion for entertaining, even lettering in theatre in high school. After college, Lino earned his master’s in theology, then taught high school in the Bahamas before beginning his career in TV broadcasting. But in 2006, his life changed when he became The Catholic Guy.

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