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PRO-LIFE BASICS: Why is abortion controversial?

By Judie Brown

A classic example that reveals the reason why abortion is controversial comes from Margaret Sanger’s grandson—a man who once suggested that abortion advances human destiny! As ridiculous as this contradiction in logic might sound to you and me, Sanger believed that what he said is true.

Aborting a child opposes nature, but of course in the world of abortion proponents like Sanger, this fact can never be admitted. The entire “pro-choice” machine would fly into a million pieces if any one of them ever admitted that abortion kills a person. So, like Sanger, their propaganda never sets forth facts but instead manufactures a distorted perspective that alleges concern for women and their health, telling the world that abortion is a good and pregnancy is not. They tell us that abortion respects a woman and her rights, but they deny the suffering and pain that expectant mothers who abort their children undergo.

This callous disregard for women masquerades as concern and has not only twisted the truth but hides the horror and agony that awaits those who fall for these lies.

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