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Margaret Sanger and the $20 Bill

By Jim Sedlak

There is a growing movement in America to place the image of a woman on U.S. currency, especially on our paper money. It seems that some people are very upset that all the images on the paper currency today are men.

The movement was given a boost last August when President Obama said publicly that he thought it was a “pretty good idea.”

The organizers of this effort have zeroed in on the $20 bill. They’ve created a website,, and are currently asking people to vote on which woman should be the first to appear on the bill. On the list of 15 possible women is Margaret Sanger!

It is absolutely absurd that anyone would consider putting America’s most prolific serial killer on our currency. Remember that Sanger founded Planned Parenthood—the organization that admits to killing 6.6 million human beings in its own facilities over the last 45 years.

My first thought was that the organizers are out of their minds to include Sanger. But then I thought about it a little more. Other than the $1 bill, the $20 bill is the most widely printed and circulated denomination in the United States. As I continued to think, I reminded myself that Planned Parenthood is all about money. It is run like a business and closes any center not making a profit. Maybe having Sanger on the $20 bill would be fitting. After all, Planned Parenthood reported in its latest annual report that it made a one-year profit of $127.1 million. If you were to collect that in $20 bills, you would have 6.355 million of them.

Since these millions of $20 bills wind up in Planned Parenthood’s bank account anyway, why not put its founder’s picture on them?

If you will bear with me a little more on this analogy, there is another point.

Planned Parenthood reports that it received $528.4 million in government money in its 2013–2014 fiscal year. Most of this comes from Washington, DC. This is the equivalent of 26.4 million $20 bills.

If you were to stack those $20 bills as high as the Washington Monument, you would wind up with 17 stacks of bills—each 555 feet high. If you took those bills to New York City and stacked them as high as the tallest building in the United States—One World Trade Center—you would still have over five stacks of $20 bills.

You may recall that Planned Parenthood’s response to 9-11 was to offer free abortions to victims of the terrorist attacks. Now, 14 years later, Planned Parenthood is receiving nine $20 bills a year from the government for each of the 2,977 innocent people who died in those attacks.

Any way you look at it, Planned Parenthood gets a whole lot of $20 bills. The bills may have Andrew Jackson’s picture on them, but they wind up going to Sanger’s crew.

I was about to accept the inevitable when it hit me. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is located on 14th Street in Washington, DC—right next to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. How incredible is that? The $20 bills, printed by BEP, flow by the millions to Planned Parenthood—the largest abortion chain in the country and the organization that has killed almost seven million human beings through surgical and medical abortions—who then uses this money to fund its own holocaust.

The 2013 theme of the Holocaust Museum’s Day of Remembrance was “Never again.” Rather than putting a picture of Sanger on the $20 bill, we should honor the words of 9-11 and “Never forget.” We should never forget the horror and destruction caused because of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. And, with this in mind, we should never again give any taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood.

Jim Sedlak is vice president of American Life League.