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Join American Life League at the 2015 March for Life

By Rob Gasper

We are one week away from the 2015 March for Life. Thousands of pro-lifers make the trip each year to DC from all corners of the country, often braving snow and frigid temperatures, to give witness to the 57 million human lives killed by abortion.

A large portion of the crowd is made up of pro-life youth who bring incredible energy and enthusiasm. These youth are the future of our movement. Among the crowd is a more quiet and reflective group of seasoned pro-life veterans—folks who have pursued justice for preborn human lives for over 40 years. These veterans are a treasure of the pro-life movement, and I urge any youth in attendance to seek out and listen carefully to these warriors for the wisdom and perspective they bring. 

Sometimes the March for Life attracts other visitors. This year, Stop Patriarchy, a front group of the Revolutionary Communist Party, is calling for a massive counter protest to proclaim “abortion on demand without apology!” Its goal is to disrupt the March as much as possible. We should be wary of these guys as they want revolution by any means, including violence. Most likely, though, the group’s presence will be small, and its members’ voices weak in the face of our sea of shining youth.

American Life League will attend as usual, and we are bringing a few surprises this year. We will be giving away bags of pro-life gear and materials as well as featuring our newly designed National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week shirts. Look for us at the March for Life Expo on Wednesday and Thursday and make sure to stop by booth 409 and say hello!

Rob Gasper is a senior research analyst for American Life League and is the editor of ALL News.