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Human Opinions and Detractors

By An Anonymous Priest

When Jesus went into the house of Zacchaeus, many people complained at his association with a sinner. He has gone to stay at a sinner’s house!

Meanwhile, the Lord responded to the conversion of Zacchaeus with some of the most beautiful words of the Gospels: “Today, salvation has come to this house.”
Do not care too much about who likes you and who does not. Why waste time worrying about who is for you and who is against you? Besides, you would be startled at what people really think of you! Just do your best to please Our Lord, and He will be on your side. He will stand by you as long as you hate sin and try to avoid it in your daily life. When He is with you, what does it matter who else is against you?
Never be disturbed when others say things that hurt. If you thought more often of your sins, you might even agree with some of their remarks.
Speak often with Our Lord, and people will impress you less than they do now. The more you advance in prayer, the less will you be tempted to talk against others. What they say or do against you will seem so trivial when you have learned to join Our Lord through prayer and recol­lection.
Our Lord knows what you really are. What people say about you will not change what you are or what Our Lord thinks of you.
Just do your best for Our Lord’s sake and do not worry what anyone may think or say of you.
Do not fear the judgments of those around you. Live for Our Lord by trying to please Him in your daily life. Then will you enjoy His peace—a peace which only He can give!
In God alone will you find true peace and joy. You must not desire to please others, and when there is question of doing what is right, do not fear to displease them! Only God’s judgment is important. All will agree with God’s opinion of you at the Last Judgment.