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Four Reasons Why Planned Parenthoods Are Closing

By Emily Brown

Planned Parenthood is known for being in the killing business, but did you know its facilities are being killed as well? Recently we have learned that a total of 13 Planned Parenthood facilities will close this summer! That means thousands of babies will live, and women will turn to better options than Planned Parenthood, like pregnancy help centers.

The closings just keep growing.

Planned Parenthood of Northern California will close three facilities; Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains will close six; and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland will close four facilities.

Why all the closures? If you think it’s only because of Trump, then you’re wrong. There is a lot more behind the causes of these sudden closures. In fact, some of these reasons may surprise you, as the media and Planned Parenthood would never talk about these facts.

So, we break it all down for you. Here are the top four reasons why Planned Parenthoods are shutting down:

Which reason surprised you the most? Have you participated in any local efforts to shut down a Planned Parenthood? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.