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Down Syndrome Lives Matter

By Kurt Kondrich

There is much debate across our nation concerning which lives matter most, and the controversy is fueled by the belief that certain human beings are targeted because of their diverse physical characteristics. As a rooted Christian I believe that ALL lives matter from conception to death and that there is no greater gift or national treasure than human life.

Currently there is a unique group of human beings being identified, targeted, and terminated at an alarming rate across the globe, and they are completely innocent of any criminal, suspicious, or questionable behavior. These beautiful, amazing individuals face the most extreme form of discrimination, prejudice, unjust targeting, and unwarranted profiling, and the death sentence they receive represents the ultimate injustice. The event that triggers this silent genocide against these defenseless lives is a prenatal test to identify Down syndrome. Once an unborn child receives a Down syndrome profile, 70–90 percent are targeted and eliminated. This silent genocide receives no media coverage, and I can’t think of another group of people facing this level of undeserved slaughter.

My awesome daughter Chloe was born in 2003 with a diagnosis of Down syndrome, and my wife and I declined prenatal tests during the pregnancy when we were informed many times that we were at “high risk” for having a child with Down syndrome. We knew from the moment of conception that Chloe’s life mattered, and at age 13 she has brought more pure light into the world and planted more positive seeds than the vast majority of people do in a long lifetime. We daily read about a lost world infected with death, depravity, and deception, and I have never read a story where an individual with Down syndrome was responsible for an act of violence, evil, hate, destruction, or terror. Today’s misguided culture needs these people now more than ever, and isn’t it time that we start a united international LIFE movement to end toxic profiling and prenatal prejudice and get the truth out that ALL Lives including Down syndrome lives matter?

Kurt Kondrich is the father of a beautiful daughter who has Down syndrome and who has been a priceless blessing to his family and community. When Kurt became aware of the higher than 90 percent abortion rate for children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome, he literally could not sleep at night. In early August 2008, he had a disturbing dream about people with disabilities being exterminated and, after praying, he came up with the name SADSIN (Stop Aborting Down Syndrome Individuals Now) for a website to defend and protect children with Down syndrome. He has since embarked on a mission to make sure people are aware of this genocide. He wants people to see the beautiful faces of our kids and realize the priceless blessings and gifts they are to a society that has lost focus.

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