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Defenders of the Family Must Unite

By Rey Flores

BrothersMany of us have heard the old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I prefer the clever response, “I’ve seen the village and it’s full of idiots. I am not letting my child anywhere near the village!

In all charity, it isn’t necessarily idiocy that we need to protect our families and children from, but an insidious evil perpetrated by the peddlers of death and perversion at Planned Parenthood. Theirs is a much scarier village where wanton sex is encouraged, poisonous birth control is dispensed, and abortions are the order of the day.

The modernist society created by eugenicists and being implemented by International Planned Parenthood Federation is one where gender roles, marriage, and the structure of the traditional family are all being redefined.

For at least the last 50 to 100 years, we have had multiple generations groomed, convinced, and bamboozled by the agents of the culture of death; we have been trained to accept abhorrent and immoral behaviors as the new virtues of a free society where archaic and obsolete religion and faith have no place.

Popular culture—via the entertainment industry, mainstream news media, or government propaganda—have all played important roles in making what was once considered abnormal, disordered, or even criminal, an absolutely normal behavior.

Today, we are encouraged to sin and be proud of it. All sin is now normalized and anyone opposed to these sinful behaviors, especially on religious grounds, will be ostracized and labeled a bigot and a hater.

Along with lust, anger, gluttony, wrath, envy, and pride, greed is one of the main driving forces of the abortion and contraception industries. The profits and bottom lines are what organizations like Planned Parenthood are looking at. They don’t see souls, but dollar signs. What’s it to them if the souls of our daughters and sons are forever lost?

As families, especially as parents and also clergy, how are we to compete with all of these outside influences when young people are constantly bombarded and assaulted by all of the aforementioned evils?

Planned Parenthood has been instrumental in the killing of 60 million children through abortion since the Supreme Court of the United States legalized this unconscionable and medieval procedure in 1973.

In the face of all of this adversity, we still persevere and carry on with our efforts to defend and to preserve life. Our faith and our beliefs teach us to always remain open to life.

As the Catholic bishops’ Synod on the Family gets ready to open on Sunday, October 5, we request that all families pray and fast. Ask the Holy Spirit to move the synod to consider how Planned Parenthood destroys the “openness to life” taught by the Church. We pray the synod will recommend that Pope Francis declare International Planned Parenthood an official enemy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Rey Flores is the director of outreach for American Life League. E-mail Rey at
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