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Amplifying Pro-Life Voices

By Susan Ciancio

In the summer of 2020, a father of eight saw his dream come to fruition when he began a pro-life podcast that would eventually lead him to host guests such as Fr. Frank Pavone, Alveda King, Governor Scott Walker, and Christian actors Nick Loeb and Ashley Bratcher.

Ohio native Jerry Cirino hails from a pro-life family and has always been passionate about pro-life topics. But as he grew, had children, and began seeing the culture of death take a stranglehold on the world, he felt that he must take a stand, become a voice for those who have no voice, and create a forum that would allow people to speak the truth about pro-life topics.

As Jerry told Celebrate Life Magazine, “The drive to be heard and to express my opinions and beliefs really was solidified over the course of years of being a father and wanting the best for my family and seeing the lies, the deceit, and the evil that is put out there by the normal media.”

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