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A Man Named Joe

By Judie Brown

Joe Scheidler—husband, father, grandfather, and all-around amazing man—has gone on to his reward, but we are happy to share with you our memories about this gentle giant who saved so many babies and expectant mothers from the claws of abortionists.

On Monday, January 18, 2021, our dear friend Joe Scheidler died at the age of 93, having crammed at least five lifetimes of pro-life action and love into his life. There are so many things we could say about him, but my most incredible memory of him involved his love of the Eucharist. The first time we shared a stage together was just after my good friend Bill Smith had given me a lapel pin depicting the monstrance in which the Blessed Sacrament is honored. Joe admired it so much that he asked where he could get one.

Joe did not want the lapel pin because of its beauty. He wanted it because of his immense love of Christ. And frankly, that is what defined his entire life. From the Face the Truth campaign, to his speeches, he always emphasized the value and need to adhere first and foremost to the will of God. He was a champion of the babies, and, yes, of Christ!

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