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Cardinal Raymond Burke

On Canon 915

“Giving Holy Communion to one who is known to be a serious sinner leads people astray in two ways. Either they are led to think that it is not wrong for an unrepentant sinner to receive Holy Communion (and to be given the Holy Eucharist), or they are led to think that what the person is known to have done was not gravely sinful.”

Bishop Thomas Paproki

On Canon 915

“I think the first issue is for the communicant himself or herself to examine their conscience and if they are conscious of grave sin, they shouldn’t go to communion.”

“I think that’s something that we’ve kind of forgotten about, and I think, for many people, that it’s just sort of automatic. Everybody gets up and goes to communion. It’s kind of expected, but there first should be that examination of conscience.”

Bishop Joseph Strickland

On Canon 915

“As bishops I think it’s our obligation to lovingly challenge people who are wandering from the fold and bring them back.  And if they refuse, then there does come a point where you say, ‘You’re out of Communion.’”

Bishop Thomas Tobin

On Pro-Abortion Catholics

Eternal shame on Senators Reed and Whitehouse of R.I. for opposing this bill which would protect infants already born. Their vote has nothing to do with promoting women’s health or “reproductive freedom.” Their stance is thoughtless, cruel and indefensible.

Bishop Tobin has not made a statement on Canon 915

Bishop Alfred Schlert

On Pro-Abortion Catholics

As voters, we must carefully examine our consciences to determine if our vote cooperates with a candidate’s promotion of the grave sins of abortion and euthanasia. The United States Bishops gave stark guidance to politicians in 1998, “No public official, especially one claiming to be a faithful and serious Catholic, can responsibly advocate for or actively support direct attacks on innocent human life.” (Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge for American Catholics, no. 32)  While this statement addresses public officials once elected to office, in intellectual and moral honesty, we must extend these words to us citizens who, by our vote, elect the candidate to office.

Bishop James Checchio

On the Real Presence

Yes, virtual Mass provides comfort and an opportunity to choose to offer ourselves to God, but just like our virtual family meetings, they are certainly not the same. We hunger for personal presence. The Lord understands our needs better than we do, and this is why He left His very presence to the Church. He knew our deepest need to be personally, united with Him.

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